Practice fees policy

Billing information

In order to be able to continue quality care services from 15 May 2022, Underwood Family Doctors has changed to a mixed billing practice with a small and reasonable gap fee. We still continue bulk billing services for seniors, children, pensioners, concession card holders and DVA health care card holders. Certain services including Health care plans generally continue being bulk billed. For certain medical services though which are not covered through medicare there are specific set fees which could be found as follows.

Telehealth (video and telephone) consultations are Bulk Billed but if you have more than 1 issue, you may be charged a small out of pocket fee *at discretion of your GP.

Please call us on 07 3219 9996 and speak to one of our friendly receptionists if you require further clarification on billing schedules.

Our Practice Fees

There is a reasonable fee for New Patients, certain existing patients and services, some Procedures, Emergency appointments, Driving medical assessments,  Musculoskeletal consulations and management.

*Children up to age 16 are bulk billed at our clinic for routine consultations. Complex behavioural consultations may incur a private fee.

*Telehealth consolation is still bulk billed except for new Telehealth patient consultations which are not Medicare Rebatable for patients who have not been seen in the clinic in the last 12 months. Hence these patients will be charged as a Private Patient and they are required to process their payment prior to their consultation via phone or by Direct Debit. 

*Emergency appointments: If you do not have an appointment and MUST see a GP then there will be an out-of-pocket fee. Please appreciate that Medicare has a limit a day on the number of patients that a GP can visit. Hence if you do not have an appointment and cannot wait for another day, you may be charged a Private Fee.

Fees for Procedures

Patients may incur a small fee for procedures. The doctors decide which patients are to incur these fees and will advise the patient of this prior the procedure and it is up to the patient if they wish to proceed.

General Consultation: 

  • In person Consultations
Type of AppointmentOut of PocketMedicare Rebate
New Patient$25$0
Existing patient – Short consult$10$0
Existing patient – Standard consult$15$0
Existing patient – More than 1 issueExtra $20$0
Existing patient – Long consult$45$0
New Born – Without Medicare card$50$39.10
Standard consult (1 issue) –

Without Medicare card

Long consult (more than 1 issue) –

Without Medicare card

Emergency/Walk-in appointment$65$0
Concession card holders/

children’s standard appointment


Driving Medical / Other Assessments

 Out of PocketMedicare Rebate
Truck / Bus – Heavy vehicles$150$0
Employment/Insurance Medical$250+$0
Other Insurances paperwork$100+$0

Musculoskeletal Initial and follow up consultation

ConsultationItem numberMedicare rebateGap feeTotal fee

(Follow up)

36$ 75.75$ 104.25$ 180


44$ 111.50$ 158.5$ 270

Patients without Medicare Cards will be charged in full amount and be given a receipt to claim back from their Medicare or private health insurance.

There is a sign in reception and at waiting room advising patients of the practice policy.

Payment methods

At Underwood Family Doctors, we accept payment by cash, credit card or EFTPOS

(See below). When a payment is made, a receipt should be issued from the computer and given to

the customer.

Payment by Credit Card/EFTPOS

In the case of payment by credit card, the credit card payment will be processed first using the

credit card machine.